To call us from outside TU Delft please dial 015 27 and for calls from ouside The Netherlands +31 15 27 before the phone numbers shown. If you are looking for other people, the phone book of TU Delft might help.


Web Room Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. H.W. Zandbergen (Henny) F 160 82266
M.M.H. van der Veen (Marijke) F 178 88792
Dr. J. Jansen (Jouk) F 158 82272
Dr. Ir. F.D. Tichelaar (Frans) D105 82252
T.R. de Kruijff (Tom) F 156 82269

Researchers and Post Docs

Web Room Phone E-mail
Dr. M. Ahmadi (Majid) F154 84761
J. Li (Jian) F359 81201
A.K. Erdamar (Ahmet)
S. Janbroers (Stephan)
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