To call us from outside TU Delft please dial 015 27 and for calls from ouside The Netherlands +31 15 27 before the phone numbers shown. If you are looking for other people, the phone book of TU Delft might help.


Web Room Phone E-mail
Prof. Dr. H.W. Zandbergen (Henny) F218 82266
M.M.H. van der Veen (Marijke) B206 88792
Dr. J. Jansen (Jouk) B211 82272
Dr. Ir. F.D. Tichelaar (Frans) B213 82252
T.R. de Kruijff (Tom) B208 82269
V. Sechnikov (Vasili) B208 82269

Master students, PhD Researchers and Post Docs

Web Room Phone E-mail
S. Basak (Shibabrata) B218 89782
A.K. Erdamar B210 86702
S. Janbroers (Stephan) B203 86313
T. Kozlova (Tatiana) B210 8184796
S.R.K. Malladi (Sairam) B216 861201
M. Neklyudova (Masha) B214 81536
M. Rudneva (Maria) B204 83735
B. Song (Bo)
L. Vicarelli (Leoardo) B210  86702
Dr. M.Y. Wu (Meng-Yue) B212 86702
Dr. Q. Xu (Qiang) B216 81201
A.O. Yalcin (Anil) B218 89782
Dr. T. Yokosawa (Tadahiro) B212 84796
C. Zhang (Chao) B210 8184796
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